Loyalty Members

Forgot your Loyalty Card? No Problem

We have implemented a feature to our Loyalty program, which will enable those of you with Loyalty Cards, to not lose your points, if you forget to take your card with you. In order to get your points, you will need register your card in our Member Link area. To do that, you will need to click on the Login button below, this will take you to our Member Link Area, where you can register your card and set up your profile. To register the card, enter the number on the back of the card and follow the instructions. Please Book Mark the Member Link page for future use. 

How to use the site to get your points if you left your card behind. 

  • Tell the Cashier that you forget your card

  • He or she will print a Claim ID on your receipt.

  • Log in to Member Link and look for the words, "Enter Claim ID"

  • The rest is self explanatory.

  • Please note Claim ID's expire in 30 days upon receiving


Thank you for Choosing Yo Cherry.