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Hamilton Location

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Our Story

Carlos and Regina Francis, the proud parents of four beautiful children are also the proud owners of Bermuda’s first and only self-serve frozen treat store “YO CHERRY”. The store was designed and built by Carlos and Regina. Yo Cherry opened its doors for business on September 27, 2013, just one day after receiving its Health License. The Grand Opening was held on November 16, 2013. Five years later, Yo Cherry has expanded and now has two locations. One in Hamilton on Bermudiana Road and one in St. Georges, on York Street.


How Yo Cherry came to be: Carlos Francis a Building Contractor and Entrepreneur, was faced with dwindling jobs in the construction industry and decided it was time to find something else to do. He and his wife Regina Francis, who worked in the insurance industry and who loved to bake, began the quest to find a new industry to get into. During one of their trips to Florida, they were struck by the explosion in Frozen Yogurt Stores. After visiting many of them and enjoying the product themselves, they decided that this was a worthwhile endeavor to peruse. They began to research the industry and after two + years of meticulous research and number crunching, they decided to pull the trigger. It was important to come up with the right name, a name that would represent the product and one that would be catchy with the public. After numerous Trade Mark searches, the name Yo Cherry was chosen. 


They wanted Yo Cherry to be Bermuda’s “go to place” for Frozen Treats, so the main emphasis was placed on offering the best Customer Services possible. They also thought it was important to have a slogan that represents their commitment to good Customer Service, so “Service with a smile or its Free” was chosen. The end result of all that hard work and due-diligence, has created Bermuda’s first Self Service Frozen Treat Store and the primary go to spot for all Frozen Treats. The Frozen Treats offered at Yo Cherry are, Frozen Yogurt, Custard Ice-cream, Gelato, Sorbet and last but not least, the best tasting Baked goods, which are all baked in house with the finest ingredients.

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St. Georges Location